"Ligna" is the Latin word for Timber which best describes the raw material in all of our LignaFORM panels: Structural Beams and Plywood. These beams and plywood are originally manufactured with veneers or strands of timber processed from sustainably harvested trees. Through our CrossCORE® technology we transform these beams and plywood into visually stunning linear architectural panels perfect for wall cladding, furniture, case goods, solid surfaces and more.

Formology's Panel Products can be used for many applications, including Wall Cladding, Vertical Surface, Horizontal Surface, Ceilings, Furniture, Case Goods, Cabinets, Retail Fixtures, Restaurant Tables, Countertops, Wall Paneling, Workplace Surfaces, Corporate Furnishings, Healthcare Surfaces and more.

All LignaFORM panels are offered in natural wood tone and can be custom stained and finished in a variety of color/gloss combinations.

LignaFORM Linear Fir
With a uniform and modern aesthetic, our LignaFORM Linear Fir panels are made from Pacific NW Origin SFI Certified 100% Douglas Fir beams.

LignaFORM Linear Birch
Made from 100% solid Birch veneer, these light colored panels showcase a very uniform "pinstriped" appearance. See what others are creating with Formology products

LignaFORM Mosaic Douglas Fir
LignaFORM panels display a warm appearance both faceted and fluid and are made from 100% reclaimed post industrial Douglas Fir structural beams.

LignaFORM Linear Poplar
With a visually dynamic appearance and light organic feel, our Linear Poplar LignaFORM panels are made from SFI certified 100% Poplar beams.


Linear Douglas Fir Linear Birch Linear Birch Staysclear Mosaic Douglas Fir Linear Poplar

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    Standard Thickness:
    3/4" & 1-1/2"

    Standard Size:
    48"x 96" (4'x 8')
    (Birch Panel Size: 47"x 95")
    Maximum resistance to warping, splitting & cracking

    Wide range of usability

    Fabrication specs