CrossCORE architectural panels combine the natural beauty of solid wood and the high performance of cross laminated engineering to create visually stunning panels with better dimensional stability than standard edge glued lumber.

The three layer engineering of CrossCORE panels creates a functionally balanced material with very high resistance to warping, splitting or cracking. Our panel design also results in a unique modern edge aesthetic and promotes responsible use of raw material by allowing wider color/grain variation in the core and back layers. CrossCORE panels are ideal for use in cabinetry, case goods, furniture, tables, benching, wall and ceiling cladding, countertops and more.

CrossCORE panels can be made with any wood species including our standard varieties of White Oak, Walnut, White Ash, Douglas Fir and Pine.

Standard panel size is 48"x 96" in both 3/4" and 1-1/2" thicknesses. (Custom panel thicknesses and dimensions are available.)

CrossCORE is also available using FSC certified wood upon request. Please contact us for more details.

Formology's Panel Products can be used for many applications, including Wall Cladding, Vertical Surface, Horizontal Surface, Ceilings, Furniture, Case Goods, Cabinets, Retail Fixtures, Restaurant Tables, Countertops, Wall Paneling, Workplace Surfaces, Corporate Furnishings, Healthcare Surfaces and more.

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    Standard Thickness:
    3/4" & 1-1/2"

    Standard Size:
    48"x 96" (4'x 8')
    (Birch Panel Size: 47"x 95")
    Maximum resistance to warping, splitting & cracking

    Wide range of usability

    Fabrication specs