Formology is a total solutions company with a focused vision as an innovator and manufacturer of interior architectural panels and custom fabrication. We utilize sustainable practices to create top quality products from beginning to end.

Formology is dedicated to using environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices. The health and sustainability of our environment are of utmost importance to us and are the principles on which our products are built. Our purchasing practices give preference to local, certified suppliers who demonstrate forestry of the highest standards. We collaborate with local organizations to develop markets for wood from well managed forests and promote good forestry standards.  Where possible, we advocate for the use of recycled, post-industrial, or reclaimed materials.

Dirk Wallace, VP Product Development and Co-founder of Formology, leads the Product Development and Innovation side of the business. Dirk grew up as the son of a cabinet maker in Eugene, Oregon. He acquired the skills of a true craftsman watching and working alongside his father to produce cabinetry and furniture for most of his life. Dirk has formed a passion for the beauty and endless possibilities of designing with wood. Dirk took some time after attending college to explore his interest in the film industry as a production assistant, quickly advancing to a Grip, and then an on-camera and voice over performer. Dirk continued to work with his father as time permitted, and discovered his interest in developing products from salvage materials at the shop. In 2015, after patent filing for some of the products he had developed, and connecting with Mike at Trillium Pacific Millwork, Dirk suspended his film industry career to focus solely on Formology.  

Mike Lipke is President and Co-founder of Formology and Owner of Trillium Pacific Millwork (TPM). Mike has spent his entire professional career in the wood products industry. After obtaining his BS in Economics and MBA from Willamette University, Mike started his career as a controller for a mill in LaGrande, Oregon. Throughout his career, Mike has worked in many aspects of the wood industry including Controller, Plant Operations, and Manufacturing Team Management. He has a keen understanding of the entire wood products industry. Mike ventured out on his own in 2008 after responding to a “mill for sale” ad in Inc. magazine. Mike acquired the mill and renamed the business in 2009 during an economic slow-down. He has successfully turned around the operations of the mill, quadrupled TPM’s production and work force and expanded to a 55,000 square-foot facility. 
Recognizing the natural blend of their individual strengths and capabilities, Dirk and Mike created Formology as a balanced blend of innovation, design and manufacturing. Formology has grown to become a one of a kind, materials manufacturing and finished product total solutions provider, serving the architecture, interior design and design/build industries.