So what is Formology.... What do you do at Formology?
  • At our core we are an innovator and manufacturer of architectural panels for a variety of applications.  Wall cladding, cabinetry, case goods, furniture and all manner of solid surfaces such as work stations, conference tables, restaurant tables, benching, etc.  We also offer custom fabrication of these solid surfaces and tables.  Whether you are looking for a high end “one off” conference table or 25 tables, even 250 tables and up for a restaurant, hospitality, multi family project.... we are an excellent solution to work with your team through design, material sourcing, fabrication and finishing ready to deliver to your project site.  SO DO YOU MAKE CABINETS AND CASEWORK?  No - we leave those types of manufacturing to other providers and simply supply our materials to them.
How long has Formology been in business?
  • As a “brand name” Formology launched about 3 years ago.  That said, the workhorse behind Formology, and the co-owner, is a 55,000 sq/ft millwork facility called Trillium PAcific Millwork which has been serving the northwest and beyond with a wide variety of high quality wood products for nearly 15 years.     DO THEY WANT MORE INFO?      Originally Trillium Pacific was simply a “private label” manufacturer for multiple other businesses, including Formology, but when the owner saw the innovative products we were creating he asked to go into business with us.  From there Formology was officially formed as a way to offer not only our innovative branded products, but also everything else Trillium Pacific can create.  This way we can offer the most direct, simplified and cost effective solutions to Architects and Designers.
What is AgriFORM?
  • AgriForm is a line of products which essentially transforms agricultural byproducts into high density particle board meant for wall cladding, table tops and other applications.  We take agricultural byproducts such as Sunflower Seed Hulls, Industrial Hemp and my favorite, Salvaged Oregon Wine Grape Cane, grind them into small particles and compress them into beautiful panels.  We are using a proprietary plant based resin system which is 100% Formaldehyde Free.  We have just started sharing AgriFORM with the A&D industry and are on target for a mid 2019 launch of the product line.
Will AgriFORM Qualify for LEED Points?
  • We haven’t gone through the full process of determining official LEED certifications with AgriFORM but it will certainly qualify for LEED points and will be among the most sustainable materials available once officially launched.  All the panels contain are agricultural byproducts and our 100% Formaldehyde free plant based resin.
How does AgriFORM hold up compared to wood products when it comes to strength and moisture exposure?
  • AgriForm panels have a surface durability similar to wood and will not have moisture “issues” when a standard high quality finish is applied.  AgriFORM panels are not recommended for countertop applications butted right up to a sink with constant moisture exposure but will perform well in restaurant top or other “solid surface” environment where liquid may be spilled and then wiped off shortly.
What size are AgriFORM panels and how much do they cost?
  • We are still a bit ahead of official decision on panel thicknesses and prices but we anticipate panels to be offered in 1/2” and/or 3/4” thick and will cost somewhere between $250 to $450 per 4’x8’ sheet.
What is CrossCORE?
  • CrossCORE panels are made with 3 or more layers of cross laminated solid wood which creates a material that has better strength and structure than standard single layer edge glued wood.  In essence it is 3 layer plywood made from solid lumber.  CrossCORE is available in standard thicknesses of 3/4” for wall cladding, cabinetry, case goods,furniture, etc - and 1.5” for solid surfaces.
What are the benefits of CrossCORE?
  • CrossCORE has several benefits.  Because of its 3 layer engineered makeup CrossCORE allows for cabinetry and case goods to be made using a high end solid wood product where it wouldn’t be possible to simply use single layer edge glued wood.  It has much greater strength when being used as a solid surface and can have longer overhang and wider spans with less support.  My personal work station is about 3’ x 7’ with simple hairpin legs and in 4 plus years has not sagged, bowed or warped.  CrossCORE is more cost effective than butcher block and Plank style single layer panels.  This is because we can use wood which has some mineral deposits, knots, sap wood, etc in the core and back layers which is still structurally sound but less expensive.  This way we save the premium material for the faces and can offer CrossCORE at a more cost effective price than other panel styles even with the engineering benefits.  And there is of course the cool modern edge aesthetic created by the cross lamination.
What size are CrossCORE panels and how much do they cost?
  • CrossCORE panels come standard at 4’ x 8’ and in either 3/4” or 1.5” thick.  That said we have the ability to make custom thicknesses between 3/4” and about 3”.  We can also produce longer panels up to 11’ 6”.  CrossCORE panels are priced in a tiered structure depending on the species of panels.  Standard pricing ranges from around $17 sq/ft to $57 sq/ft depending on species and thickness.  Low tier species include Mixed Grain Doug Fir, Pine, Alder, Western Maple and others.  Middle tier species include Cherry, Beech, Eastern Maple, Mixed Grain Ash, Spruce and others.  Upper tier species include Walnut, Myrtlewood, Madrone, Sapele, White Ash and others.
Where do we get our wood and is it sustainable?
  • We source wood from across the country.  We of course love working with Northwest and West Coast species such as Doug Fir, Pine, Myrtlewood, Madrone, Alder, etc, but we can sustainably source other hardwoods from eastern states such as Cherry, Ash, Walnut and others.  We work closely with land owners who responsibly manage their forests and can verify that their wood has been sustainably harvested.  We do have FSC Certification at our manufacturing facility so we can maintain that chain of custody if a client needs it.
What is LignaFORM?
  • LignaFORM is a line of products made from either structural beams or plywood as the raw material.  We take the structural beams or plywood and remanufacture them so the beautiful linear edge aesthetic of each material becomes the entire face aesthetic of the panels.  LignaForm can be used for wall cladding, cabinetry, case goods, furniture and solid surfaces.
What is the difference between CrossCORE LignaFORM and Engineered LignaFORM?
  • CrossCORE LignaFORM panels are made with 3 layers of the premium material cross laminated for strength.  Engineered LignaFORM panels are 2 layer with a single face of our premium material and either a 1/2” or 1/8” plywood backer.  These engineered panels are a great way of “value engineering” the LignaFORM look for wall cladding and some cabinet/furniture applications where only one face is critical.
What kind of glue do you use for your wood products?
  • We use a food safe water based heavy duty glue for all of our wood products.  The glue is also produced in Oregon.
Are our panels pre-finished?
  • The vast majority of what we sell is unfinished because usually the panels are headed to a fabricator or contractor who will be cutting/sanding/manipulating them in some way which will would then require that they be finished a second time.  We can offer prefinishing but consider it on a case by case basis.
Can I order CrossCORE or Butcher Block in any wood species?
  • Yes, we can produce these materials from any wood species we can sustainably source.
Do you keep materials in stock and what is your lead time?
  • We make everything to order and our standard lead time is 4 - 6 weeks.  We sometimes have limited amounts of various panels in stock but do not have a program of specific materials being available for quick ship.  We can sometimes accommodate rush orders at additional cost.
What is your minimum order size?
  • We currently do not have a minimum order volume and will produce 1, 100 or 1000 panels depending on the needs of any given project.  Of course there are price breaks available on larger quantities which we consider on a case by case basis.